(in Greek, unless otherwise mentioned):

Social Change and Military Intervention, Greece 1880-1909.
Athens: Exantas, 1977 (2 editions and 4 reprints)

The Central-Bank Question. Economy and Politics in Nineteenth Century Greece, with an introduction by C.Th.Dimaras.
Athens: Cultural Institute of the National Bank of Greece, 1980 (2 reprints)

The Industrial Revolution and the Greek Economy (1830-1910).
Athens: Ant. Sakkoulas, 1984 (4 reprints)

Banquiers, usuriers et paysans; réseaux de crédit et stratégies du capital en Grèce, 1780-1930.
Paris: Éditions La Découverte, 1988 (in French).

Issues in Modern Greek History (co-editor with K.Kostis).
Athens: Ant. Sakkoulas, 1991. (6 reprints)

Taxation and Political Power in Modern Greece.
Athens: Alexandria Publishers, 1993 (2 reprints)

Aei paides apaideutoi. Three Essays on Nationalism, Wealth and Education.
Athens: Kastaniotis, 1996 (2 reprints)

Irony and Satire. Two Essays.
Athens: Kastaniotis, 1998

History, Culture, and Education. Essays.
Athens: Kastaniotis, 1998 (1 reprint)

Europe. Two essays.
Athens: Kastaniotis, 2000

Lernaion Kratos. An Essay on the State.
Athens: Kastaniotis, 2000

Historia tou Hellinikou Kratous, 1830-1920 (History of the Greek State, 1830-1920).
First edition: National Bank of Greece, Athens 2004. Four reprints, Hestia, Athens 2004-2008. Fifth revised edition: Hestia, Athens 2009. Two volumes, I-XXVII pages + 1.248 pages + 80 pages of illustrations + 172 tables and graphs in texto.